Bosniak and Jewish Solidarity (סולידריות הבוסנים המוסלמים והיהודים) is an NGO that promotes friendship between Jewish and Bosniak people. Jews and Bosnian Muslims have a common historical bond – they both suffered genocide at the hands of Serbian Nazi collaborators in the World War II. In the Bosnian war, Bosniak people suffered the first genocide in Europe since the Holocaust. We advocate peace and we stand against the denial of the Holocaust and the Bosnian Genocide.

Bosniak & Jewish Solidarity (Official Logo of our NGO)

Bosniak & Jewish Solidarity (Official Logo of our NGO)

  1. Afroz Ali says:

    Excellent initiaitve- keep it up!

  2. Amir Telibečirović says:

    Hello there, I am journalist from Sarajevo, and I was trying to reach you by e-mail, but I couldn’t find official contact. I am interested in interviewing someone who can speak on behalf of Bosniak-Jewish friendship organization, and this web portal. Like chairperson, spokesman, president, founder, secretary or so. I work in bosnian weekly magazine called Start BiH. Now you have my e-mail, so please let me know if it can be done or not.
    Thank you in advance,
    Amir T.

    • Amir, please check your E-mail.

    • saf says:

      A wonderful website! Very nice initiative!
      I wish there were more people like you.

      What is happening to the Palestinians is totally unfair, it is just because of the Israeli government and for all the political reasons i feel.
      It should not be termed as conflict between Jews and Muslims. I really hope for a peaceful solution to all the problems and conflicts! I totally agree samir, if people had the power to decide, they would eventually find peace!
      We are all human beings with children and families, and everybody wants a peaceful life! We should always try to spread peace and friendship and not hatred, Insha Allah.

      Well, brother, now i have an optimistic outlook about the future, alhamdulillah!

  3. Muhamed Hasanovic says:

    Ok so i am a bit surprised i have to admit,but i hope this is an honest try to create friendship between two different peoples…i dont support the Israeli politics against Palestina but of course im against what happend to the jewish people in Europe.I just think you should know better and not do the same now(as you do)

    greeting from Bosnia

    • Samir C. says:

      Muhamed, you should know better and show some respect to this honest man who is trying to recreate friendship between two friendly peoples, jews and muslims from Balkan. We knows well our history in Europa. From Spain in the west to Russia in the east. We will never forget about Spanish, Italian, German and Serbian genocide on muslims and jews in Europa from 1100-1995. We have to fight Europa togehter. Muslims in Europa fill the same now as jews in Europe during 1920-30. Every day we here nazists and racists speaking about Islam and muslims as they was spoken about jews for 80 years ago.

      All muslims around the world need to show their respect to jews people killed by nazists during Holocaust. This not means directly that you support Israeli and that you are against palastinian fight to independens. It means that you are support all muslims in Europa filling the same now as jews was filling during 1930-1950. Studing Europian history from 1490 to1995 shows that jews and muslims from Europa has a lot fo common together. We are unwelcomed and presendes as synonyms to all evel in Europa.

      We have to fight this together. To our friends in Palastina and Israil, please make peace. See our history and be like us. I know that is hard but fight together againts those nationalits on bothe sides.

    • Tijana says:

      from the “facts” that are posted on this site I really agree with you

  4. kemal says:

    I noticed that you have extensive information about Bosnia, mostly items concerning Bosnian Jews.

    I didn’t see, however, anything on Sarajevo Haggaday. I do truly believe that this would be an excellent addition to your web page. It is a great illustration of how persecuted Jews have found a safe haven in Bosnia.
    Here is a link where you can find more information:

    Thank you kindly.

  5. Afroz Ali says:

    For an article on the Haggadah (as well as the Albanian story sheltering Jews), go to http://afroz-ali.alghazzali.org/?p=57#more-57. Scroll to get to the various articles.

    Also, keep up the great work.

  6. alen ljucevic says:

    shalom and vozdra…i am from sarajevo but in the USA now married to a Jewsih girl from NYC, please let us know how we can help…

  7. alen ljucevic says:

    rothman, rubenstein and ljucevic ready to help!!!

  8. alen ljucevic says:

    the white americans look at us the same way, we should unite and show them the true!!

  9. Davis says:

    Zdravo druze !

    I think you are doing a great job. There are so many similarities in our stories and I would hate to see Bosnians and Jews not being friends. We should all be friends for that matter. I am Bosnian by birth and Jewish by choice. I grew up in Bosnia and I know the role Jews played in Bosnian society. It’s a pity with all this “Muslim” antisemitism that is blooming right now.

    Here is something multicultural

    The song is erev shel shoshanim in bosnian by a bosnian band….


  10. sara says:

    Great initiative! Bosnian Muslims and Jews are much alike. Sadly some people do not see this.

    Muhamed, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not black and white. Both sides have made mistakes and both sides can do better in their effort to create co-existence. Hopefully they will find a way to live together…just as hopefully the peoples of Bosnia will find a better way to share this country. I think that this conflict should not reflect on our historical bonds. In Bosnia muslims and Jews have lived together for centuries without problems, so many good is brought by the Jews to Bosnia…this city (Sarajevo) would not be the same without their influence….the bosnian jewish population is an important part of our history, and hopefully will be a part of our future!

  11. Nizar says:

    I have a news article that might be of interest to you. Here`s the link:


    If you need translation, I would be happy to help :)
    all the best

  12. salam says:

    a bosnian newspaper recently wrote about a bosnian mosque in israel that the jews today use as a place where they gather drink alcohol and do all haram things…what kind of respect is that? many bosnians went to Palestine during the early 1900 and so there are some bosniak villages there,,and this mosque is an important part of history for us,so its not just because its Gods house..but that only should be enough.

    • Lav says:

      Which news papers are that? Do not simply throw information without giving a full view of the subject you are writing about. At least, if you have such a huge wish to share this information with some Jewish people or authorities, this page is definitely not a place to throw it out. People who made this page and those who are taking part in its maintenance are not those who are taking part in disrespect of Muslims, as you CAN see here. So please, leave this between-religious issue for somewhere else.

  13. salam says:

    and i have to say i agree with Samir on the palestina-israel issue…i have palestinian friends and most of them dont hate jews,,its just the israeli governement that destroys it all,,im sure if the people had the power to descide they would eventually find peace

  14. Nedzad says:

    Hi. I am a bosniak that is born in Germany. I studied history at the University of Hannover.
    And i often mentioned the similarities between bosniaks and jews. In both cases there is someone who wants a whole nation to disappear. Sadly, the nationalsocialists in Germany did their fabriclike killing. And there are still persons, especially from the neonazi movement, that are speaking about what we call “Holocaust-Lüge”. Its a shame for mankind to hear such things.
    But today these people are a small minority in Germany and i hope for the serbian nation, that they (as the Germans did in the last 6 or 7 decades) understand that they must be the first to judge the responsible serbs for the genocide.
    What i want to say to you: thanks for this website. We should learn from history and everything can help to do this.
    And to all who are writing about the israel-palestine theme: visit the country! i was in february in Israel. the conflict is much more complicated and the israelis have so many different opinions. your view at the conflict will change and you will visit a beautiful country with nice people and learn a lot.
    Nedzad from Hannover/Germany.

  15. Ned Hasovic says:

    I support this effort, you are doing a great job, I would like to help in any way possible. Serbian history revisionism is very sinister and quite organised.

    We Bosniaks do not have a big population and find it hard to fight Serbian denial of Genocide, while almost the entire Serbian population is actively busy revising history and damaging all their neighbours as much as they can.

  16. Semir Isakovich says:

    Stop mistreating the Palestinians. Until then, we cannot talk about any friendship whatsoever between Jews and Bosniaks.

  17. Amar A.J. says:


    I am honestly amazed with excellent work you guys have been doing promoting friendship between our two long oppressed peoples and my only wish is that there are more people like you doing this great work.

    I wish you good health and success in your life my friends.

  18. Aljukic Denis says:

    Shalom from Tuzla, true multiethnic city in Bosnia.


  19. André says:

    Swedish TV denies genocide in Srebrenica

    According to Gregory H. Stanton President, Genocide Watch, the denial of genocide is the final stage of genocide. http://www.genocidewatch.org/aboutgenocide/8stagesofgenocide.html

    A typical example of such a denial has been shown in the Swedish TV program (SVT) “Dokument utifrån” on the 28 August 2011. In the documentary “The sacrificed City” authors (Norwegian film crew, Ola Flyum and David Hebditch) are trying to minimize and deny genocide in Srebrenica by showing how the town of Srebrenica and its inhabitants were victims of a political game between Bosnian Government, led by President Alija Izetbegovic and the former U.S. President Bill Clinton. The Norwegian film crew are trying to justify war crimes committed by Serb forces by showing that as a revenge for the victims in the villages around Srebrenica, which fell under the conflict with Bosnian Army. Furthermore, the film directors created Ratko Mladic as an honest solder while Naser Oric is a terrorist.

    The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) sent a letter to Swedish TV´s Board of Directors in which they point out th facts that proofe beyond a doubt that Bosniaks were wictims of genocide in Srebrenica.
    The letter can bi found here:


  20. Denis says:

    I have found good article. I think you should read it, and maybe post it on translated on English.


  21. Name says:

    you know what! real muslim from Bosnia never will be friend with Jewish who are killing our muslims in other countries like Palestine!!!!!!!!!!! We hate you!!! We don t hate Jewish who doesn t kill our muslim brothers and sisters….

    • Denis says:

      Real Muslim never hate.
      Real Muslim will never support terrorist.

      Zato začepi seljačino i ti i tvoje vehabije. Tko si ti da govoriš ” MI “.
      Govori u svoje ime.

      Bošnjaci su narod koji moraju slijediti primjer Izraela. Okruženi smo zemljama koji bi da nas istirjebe. Jevreji ti nikada nisu učinili ništa na žao. Jevreji su isto kao i Bošnjaci izdani od evropskih komšija. Izdani su jer su htjeli da ne prljaš hrišćansku Europu. Smatran si historijskom greškom koja će za par nedelja pasti pred JNA 4 vojnom silom tada u Evropi.
      Uveli su ti embargo na naoružanje da otpor bude što kraći i da što prije nestane priča sa TV ekrana o nekakvim Muslimanima koji su preuzeli Isllam od Turaka prije 500 godina.

      Šta je uradila prebogata Saudijska Arabija da ti pomogne u ratu?
      Šta su uradile muslimanske zemlje koje su mogle zaprijetiti embargom na naftu a nisu.
      Eto Turska nam je najbliža i po vjeri i geografski.
      Od islamskih zemalja si mogao dobiti pare ako ćeš napraviti džamiju i uz to će ti poslati bradonju da ti kaže da sve ono što si ti klanjao u zadnjih 500 godina nije ispravno.

      Zašto ne razdvojiš politike od nacija i naroda. Ja bih voio da se Izrael i Palestina pomire, priznaju jedna drugu uspostave ekonomiju ali to je politika, i nema veze sa narodom.
      Ljudi kao ti opravdavaju Holokaust kao odgovor na politiku koju vode pojedinci zbog stranačkih interesa.

      Iako ne vrijediš da ti pišem išta ovdje. Opet pišem al samo jednom. Da znaš da ti nisi MI.
      Da to što propagiraš propagiraj u svoje ime. Budi iskren preba sebi, osim što siješ mržnju jesi li i jednu marku uplatio za pomoć palestincima?

      Naravno da nisi.

    • kemal says:

      Dear “NAME” your comment is inappropriate, and please don’t claim to speak for Bosnians or Bosniaks, because you don’t!

      Go hate someplace else…

  22. Milica says:


    I wish to understand politics of Arie Livne.



    • Bosniak and Jewish Solidarity says:

      Being Jewish does not give Arie Livne ticket to deny genocide and support hate-mongers like Milorad Dodik. Livne is a very controversial individual associated with the worst Serbian propaganda and extremists like Jared Israel. Even though the United States Holocaust Museum puts the number of Serbian victims of Jasenovac between 42,000 – 50,000, Livne and his Serb propagandists continue to promote the myth of 700,000 Jasenovac victims. Supporters of Greater Serbian propaganda — based on hate, prejudice, and genocide denial — have lost their credibility in 1990s. Last time I checked, it’s 2012. Don’t worry about Livne et al. You will find people like them everywhere. They’re irrelevant.

  23. malik says:


    I wish to express my support in order to strengthen ties between our people especially due to so many parallels that could be drawn between us.
    Both people were on a brink of extinction because our christian European, so called civilized, nations allowed a genocide over us. We also took up arms and refused to be destroyed silently. My only regret is that EU disarmed us at the end, probably fearing of strong and secular Bosniak state in middle of Europe.
    But I would like to know something else. I wasn’t in Srebrenica when genocide happened. I was in Bosnian army during war and spent entire war in BiH. But now, even almost 20 years after it ended, every time I see 1 Bosniak hurt or killed or threatened in any corner of world I also feel as if I am in danger myself. There is this discomfort, but only connected to Bosniaks, almost opposite from pride that I feel for our achievements.
    Do jewish people, especially Israelis feel same about their people after all genocides, persecution and holocaust?
    Other night I was watching Oscar Danon talking about Chetniks entering Olovo after Partisans, and killing all Bosniak (muslim at time) population during II WW. I was shocked for days after that, and felt so helpless. Somehow war made me more sensitive about my own people.

  24. lari says:

    svaki komentar je suvisan samo naprijed i cestitamo na pokretu

  25. Selma says:

    I´m really glad for this, so many things to work on together and learn from each other. Would be great to expand on FB, too.

  26. I think that it is great initiative, not only because we are sharing same fate and sufferings in past. Bosniak and Jewish people have in history provided a great support to each other: Bosniak to Jewish people, when they needed it most, and then in recent history Jewish to us. Moreover, I see similarity also from the point of view ‘religion’ vs. ethnicity, as Bosniak is often taken synonymous for Muslim and vice versa, in Bosnia. I had a chance to meet different Jewish people around the world and I have some made some deep friendships with them. I think that the focus here should be on bonding between ‘good’ people, no matter who they are and which passport they hold, as long as they believe in true multiculturality, freedom and respect.

  27. Denis says:

    You must see this:

  28. Emir says:

    Hello,I’m something considered Bosniak in my country,I’m 17.Personally I call myself Bosnian since I’m an atheist,not Muslim.I support this cause mostly because hate towards Jewish people is growing,and I just don’t want to be part of this hate group.For me,all people are the same and I think our religion or nation shouldn’t matter.Our people survived genocide,and just because of nowdays politics of Israel,we shouldn’t deny horrible past that happened.Some Bosnians say horrible stuff about Holocaust,but they often forget they survived the same thing,and that’s exactly why we should treat each other with respect.To be frankly honest I do not support Israel nor Palestine,I just think they should find some peaceful solution.Btw, supporting Palestine only because you’re a muslim,or supporting Israel just because you’re Christian is ridiculous.We should know that there are bad people everywhere,in Israel and Palestine.

    • Why do you “not” consider yourself Bosniak (Bošnjak)? Do you understand repercussions of your decision to abandon your people? Here is a good explanation why you should declare yourself Bosniak (Bošnjak), as opposed to ‘Bosnian’ http://bosniangenocide.wordpress.com/ko-smo-mi/

      • Emir says:

        Because Bosniak in translation means being Muslim,which I’m not and don’t want to be,and also culturally I just don’t feel connected to tradition of my people.When I call myself Bosnian I say that I’m citizen of country Bosnia and Herzegovina,without any connections to any religions.I think that all people of Bosnia should call themselves Bosnians no matter what religion they practice.

      • Emir, the term Bosniak (Bošnjak) does not mean Muslim, just as the term Serb does not mean Orthodox. Bosniaks and Serbs and Croats are people who have lived in the Balkans since the 7th Century. Bosniaks are simply ancient inhabitants of Bosnia.

        The term Bosnian refers to all residents of Bosnia – and is not a preferable term to use. If you declare yourself as a “Bosnian” in the next Population Census, you will practically award your vote of confidence to Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, because your declaration will “lower” the number of Bosniaks and, if there are enough people like you, we will become “minority” in ethically-mixed municipalities; consequently, the territories of these municipalities will fall into the hands of Serbs and Croats.

        Do you really wish to do that?

  29. Emir says:

    You misunderstand me.I say I’d like that all people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are called Bosnians and Herzegovinians.But since this is not possible,of course that I’d declare myself as Bosniak on population consensus,even though I can’t vote yet.I just said what I feel.I feel that I’m Bosnian,Dayton agreement is fold for not being able to call myself that way.Of course dream is a dream.Once when they all start to accept B&H as their,then we will have prosperity.

    “We will become “minority” in ethically-mixed municipalities; consequently, the territories of these municipalities will fall into the hands of Serbs and Croats.”

    Unless you’re talking about new war,my vote shouldn’t matter.Serbs and Croats already “own” half of the country…in their minds of course.I say let’s keep it that way.I just want freedom,even if that sound lame…if I can’t have that in Bosnia I’d move to a country who can give me what I want.I think I love my country enough,but she didn’t give me anything to “keep me attention”.

    • I agree that you love your and our country and I am glad you will declare yourself as a Bosniak (Bošnjak) in the next Population Census scheduled to take place in April of 2013. Majority of Bosniaks are atheists (nothing wrong with atheism).

      You stated: “.I just want freedom,even if that sound lame…if I can’t have that in Bosnia I’d move to a country who can give me what I want.I think I love my country enough,but she didn’t give me anything to ‘keep me attention’.”

      Moving to another country won’t solve any problems. Life is hard as it is. Unemployment is high in Western countries and many who are employed make very little and pay high taxes. If you think life in the USA and Western countries corresponds to what you’ve seen in American movies, then you are mistaken. About half of all Americans live on incomes less than $18,000 per year. Tens of millions of people in the USA are on food stamps. USA is the most religious Western country (even more religious than Mexico and Philippines, according to the PEW research).

      As for the issue of freedom, we were never more “free” than we’re now (but life could be better). We have our own institutions, our own police, our own army, our own territory, our own language, etc… Bosniaks control at least 33% of B&H territory (see map: http://bosniangenocide.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/etnic48dka-karta-bosne-i-hercegovine-po-popisu-stanovnic5a1tva-iz-1991-godine-izvor-ove-etnicke-karte-bih-je-ured-visokog-predstavnika-za-bih-ohr.gif?w=744) . We represent “relative majority” in some municipalities and if some Bosniaks decided to declare themeless as “Bosnians”, we would like lose those municipalities to Croats and Serbs. If that happens, Bosnia as a state will weaken, gradually disintegrate; we would lose our freedom, we would lose our identity, we would lose part of ourselves — it would be devastating for all of us.

      The reason why many Bosniaks are unemployed, demoralized, desperate, and still hurting is the direct consequence of genocidal ethnic cleansing campaign conducted by Serb army with the help of Serbia in 1990s. They destroyed our infrastructure, they killed our people, they created thousands of mass graves all over Bosnia (and we’re still uncovering new mass graves 20 years after the genocide started), they attempted to erase Bosnia from the face of this earth. It’s unfair blame Bosnia for hard life, because then we’re blaming the victims and the survivors.

      What is Bosnia? Who is Bosnia? Where is Bosnia? The answer is: YOU are Bosnia. It’s in you, in your veins. When you look yourself in the mirror, you see Bosnia. That’s what Bosnia is. We’re Bosniaks. I may be from Bihac, you may be from Tuzla, he or she may be from Gorazde… we are all related somehow. We are all brothers and sisters.

      • Emir says:

        I know that these days moving to another country isn’t the best solution.I know that USA is not dream country as it shown on television.But USA has laws,and at least I don’t have to be afraid of new war while living in USA.(Ok maybe USA isn’t the best example).I see that you’re a big patriot.I guess I’m not since i didn’t survive the war,and I’m still young,so I can’t understand how you feel about the war.

        “The reason why many Bosniaks are unemployed, demoralized, desperate, and still hurting is the direct consequence of genocidal ethnic cleansing campaign conducted by Serb army with the help of Serbia in 1990s.”

        Really? Don’t you think that reason for this situation in B&H is our politicians who do nothing to make this country better place to live in? I do agree that war in B&H left big traces that are unfortunately still visible.But isn’t it the time that we move on? We will always remember the genocide and what happened to us,just like Jewish people in Europe do.But we have to stop hating ALL Serbs and Croats and remember that ALL Croats and Serbs aren’t murderers.Do you see that nowdays Jews hate Germans after Holocaust? No. Because they’re moved on,they realized that Germany isn’t their enemy,it was Nazi ideology and Nazis.We have to build same attitude towards Serbia and Serbs.

      • Emir, we don’t hate Serbs and Croats. We only dislike those who supported the likes of Mladic, Karadzic and Milosevic. Sure, we haven’t moved on yet; one of reasons is because we still uncover new mass graves. Srebrenica’s anniversary is coming up next month. Another 500 or so newly identified corpses will be laid to rest. Several weeks ago, newly elected Serbian president recently denied that genocide took place. How can our society move on when they destroyed what we had and still continue to minimize and degrade our existence and historical truth?

        If your grandmother or grandfather is still alive, ask them what Serbian Chetniks did to us in World War II. Perhaps you should start reading this chapter: http://bosniangenocide.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/cetnici-draze-mihajlovica-poklali-smo-muslimansku-decu-zene-i-starce/

  30. Sam Hadzalic says:

    Chicago’s Jewish & Muslim Communities Come Together to
    “Bridge the Gap” Through Music
    The interfaith concert will celebrate 500 years of friendship in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
    featuring a U.S. premiere!
    Sept. 2 2012 at 7PM at the American Islamic College (640 W. Irving Park, Chicago).

    Sam Hadzalic American Muisc Festivals Director of Outhreach

  31. Eli Tauber says:

    Iako podsržavam i svakodnevno radim na očuvanju i njegovanju dobrih odnosa među ljudima, predlazem da ne dozvolite da bilo koji sadrzaj kvari jednu lijepu ideju. Ja upravo doktoriram na Holokaustu u Bosni i Hercegovini, i vjerujte mi da znam o cemu govorim.
    Predlazem da razmislite o jednoj dugorocnoj akciji koja bi trebala rezuktirati knjigho, izlozbom i sl. o 500 godina zajednickpg zivota Muslimana(Bosnjaka) i Jevredsja u Bosni i Hercegovini. Projekt smo vec napravili, imaqmo saglasnost uvazenih naucnika iz te oblasti, ali (kao i uvijek ) nemamo podrsku da nastavimo ovaj projekt. Ukoliko va sto zanima mogu vam poslati i na engleskom i na bosanskom jeziku.
    S postovanjem,

    Eli Tauber

  32. Denis says:

    @Eli Tauber
    Odlična ideja.
    To će vratiti jevrejski narod u glave ovih političara koji samo vide sebe i bit će jasno da su jevreji ovdje stotinama godina.

    Tužba “Sejdić Finci” mora biti riješena tako da Jevrej može biti na bilo kojoj političkoj funkciji zemlje.
    Ne samo ova tri “konstitutivna” naroda.

  33. boby ryan says:


  34. Uriel Levy says:

    Helow, my name is Uriel and I am a director of an Israeli NGO- The Combat Genocide Assoication. We believe that the The Jewish people have a unique responsibility towards the fate of other nations that stand in danger of genocide. This responsibility obliges us to act. We must study, warn, prevent, and fight genocide in every region and country around the world, the conditions and circumstances be what they may.

    As members of the Jewish people against whom the darkest and most systematic plot of destruction was conspired, and as humans that are concerned about the moral reality of our time, we see it as our obligation to work as much as we can to stop genocides and other acts of violence.
    I wont to invite you to visit our web site http://www.cga.org.il/english/
    Let me know about your work, I am shure we will find a lot of Common.
    you can also contact me in urielevy@gmail.com

  35. Aym says:

    Just came across this site (while studying for my holocaust exam tomorrow) with my roommate/closest friend. She’s Jewish, I’m Bosnian, and the last couple years we’ve lived together have been the most wonderful. Sending out our love!

  36. Jonathan says:

    Greetings friends. I came across this blog by chance and I was happy to see that as someone from Jewish background who has made many friends from the former Yugoslavia that there was even more activity to build friendship between our people. I just would like to offer a bit of caution against getting carried away with anti-Serb views, I have many Serbian friends as well and they have treated me with the same respect and kindness as my Bosnian friends. I understand the history is not pretty and we must absolutely condemn the actions of some Serbian extremists such as Srebrenica and everything else which has happened. But also many Serbian people are strong believers in the ideas of the Great Leader Marshall Tito and I hope that reconciliation may continue to progress between the former people of Yugoslavia until one day brotherhood and unity may again live in the hearts of the people in former Yugoslavia.

  37. Em.Zee. says:

    *hearty laugh* Whew, OK. *sorry, more laughing* I guess you really CAN see everything on the Internet. Hilaaaaaarious. Love always, an educated (and ridiculously amused) Serb

  38. Anna says:

    Hi! This is an incredibly interesting NGO. I am a photojournalism student in Sarajevo for 2 weeks and would love to talk to someone and hear about the projects you are working on. Is there an email or phone number I can reach you at? Thanks, Anna.

  39. Frits Timmermans says:

    Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was informed on the Bilderberg conference one month before the massacre of Srebrenica that the Serbs would invade safe haven Srebrenica by Richard Holbrooke, the state secretary of the US. The Dutch soldiers, not examples of bravery, were taken hostage. When they were allowed to leave the place. They were welcomed by the Dutch crown prince Willem Alexander (he succeeded shortly ago his mother and is now king) and the prime-minister Wim Kok with a beer drinking- and dance-party in Zagreb, two hundred kilometers from Srebrenica, where at that moment the massacre was going on!
    On the next Bilderberg-conference queen Beatrix said to Richard Holbrooke that she told the gentlemen about the coming Serb invasion. These gentlemen were presumably the prime-minister and his minister of defense Joris Voorhoeve, also known for their cowardice.
    For reconciliation the Dutch government gave Eur 125 million to Srebrenica people. Nobody knows where the money went to. Not to the mothers of Srebrenica.
    See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thom_Karremans

  40. Daniel says:


    Namerno pišem na “balkanskom”. Jer kako god ga nazvali meni je lep jezik bilo da je ijekavica ili ekavica. :)
    Rođen sam i živim u Beogradu. Protivnik sam nacionalizma, desnice, fašizma.

    Smatram da ovakvi sajtovi treba da postoje, ali, nažalost, kod “prosečnih” ljudi još više doprinose mržnji. Ja ne mrzim nikoga ko je različit od mene, imam prijatelje koji su Muslimani, Katolici, Pravoslavci, Jevreji…

    Lično, obožavam Izrael! Drago mi je što porodica teodora Hercla optiče iz Zemuna, gde i sam živim. Član sam jevrejsko srpskog prijateljstva koje broji oko 17000 članova.
    Redovno doniram Beogradsku Sinagogu.
    Nažalost, nacisti su odveli i pobili veliku većinu Jevrejskog stanovništva ovde. I ne samo Jevrejskog, mnogo ljudi je stradalo.
    Smatram da se holokaust nikada ne sme zaboraviti. Isto tako i Jasenovac, Srebrenica i mnogi drugi zločini koji se ne pominju u javnosti.
    A samo Wikipedia ih je puna…
    I sve to zbog jbn. politike!
    Političari su najveće zlo.

    Srdačan pozdrav,

  41. Marple says:

    Nice initiative to make the world more peaceful, keep it up.

    i know a muslim montenegrin man, who stays in germany. he regrets genocide. But at same time he does racist comments on skin color.
    Such a big difference between both of you…

  42. Nizar Eskic says:

    Can you please contact me via email.

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